RAKEZ supports construction industry investors set up and expand in the UAE

6 December 2022

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) takes part in the Big 5 to help investors in the construction industry set up and expand their operations in the UAE. The economic zone’s participation underlines its commitment to the industry and reflects a world of opportunities for construction investors in the business haven of Ras Al Khaimah and the wider UAE.

Group CEO of RAKEZ, Ramy Jallad, said, “The construction industry in the UAE is projected to reach a value of more than USD 133 billion by 2027, according to the Global Data Report, which means that the prospects for companies and investors in the country’s construction supply chain are simply vast. And we aim to be at the forefront of this plan, helping stakeholders grow and expand into global markets.”

“RAKEZ has an ideal business ecosystem for investors in the diverse sectors of the construction industry. With us, an investor’s journey doesn’t end with company formation. Our support is available every step of the way, from liaising with government entities for securing relevant approvals at the initial stage to helping them connect with financial solution providers and the right suppliers within the industry on their onward journey,” he added.

The economic zone is already a fertile ground for hundreds of construction companies that chose RAKEZ as their base for growth. Steel fabrication and construction expert Fabcon Industrial Services is a prime example of a company that has benefitted from the RAKEZ business ecosystem. The firm’s General Manager, Binu Jacob, said, “We have consistently grown over the past 15 years, adding facilities and bringing projects from across the globe, thanks to RAKEZ for providing excellent support in terms of infrastructure and government interfaces, leaving us free to focus on the business.”

Along with Fabcon, many other companies are eager to benefit from the current and predicted growth in the industry. Ahmed Al Ghalayini, Project Manager, Rad Asphalt (a branch of Rad International Road Construction), said, “The UAE construction market is projected to grow more than 3% between 2023 and 2026, providing the contractors in the field the opportunity to thrive. The good news for companies who wish to utilise ecosystem business models, but otherwise lack the structures and maturity, is that there is RAKEZ, a growing body of leading companies, and an increasingly large workforce that understands the practical elements of building and operating an effective ecosystem function.”

Similarly, Fala Group Vice Chairman, Hani Ihsan Kurbaj added, “We set up Fala Asphalt Industry with RAKEZ in 2012 and our organisation has undergone a great deal of change since then. We got governmental infrastructural projects, hired more employees, welcomed diversity and gender balance in the workplace, and diversified our investments in the UAE and overseas. In all this, RAKEZ has been our supportive strategic partner understanding our needs and always working hand-in-hand with us. We are optimistic that if we continue like this, we can double our efforts to expand in the years to come.”

RAKEZ is one of the leaders spearheading growth in the construction sector actively supporting investors in their journeys. At the Big 5 International Building & Construction Show this year, the economic zone is extending its expertise and services for new as well as established companies that wish to expand their reach globally.

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