Ras Al Khaimah’s Department of Human Resources and Investment & Development Office Sign Agreement to Launch ‘Etimad’ Program

1 July 2021

Two entities agree collaboration on program, which aims to empower national talent in the UAE

Ras Al Khaimah Government’s Department of Human Resources and the Emirate’s Investment and Development Office (IDO) have today signed a collaboration agreement to launch the ‘Etimad’ program to empower national talent in the UAE.

The agreement is in line with Ras Al Khaimah Government’s vision and strategic directives to train and empower highly qualified national professionals to meet the highest international standards. It aims to coordinate actions and set a plan to implement the program – one where roles, responsibilities and administrative governance are integrated to provide top-quality training for Emirati talent in the Emirate.

The document was signed by H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdullatif Khalifa, Director General of the Department of Human Resources, and H.E. Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi, Managing Director and Board Member of the IDO.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdullatif Khalifa said of the agreement: “This program constitutes a qualitative leap in preparing and qualifying national professionals and improving their skills to a global level, and there is no doubt that it will contribute to developing institutional performance. This distinguished program is the fruit of our partnership with the Investment and Development Office – one of the leading institutions of government in Ras Al Khaimah – and we are confident that it will have a positive impact on developing the capacities of Emiratis. It reflects the strength of government cooperation and will enhance our competitiveness locally and globally, thereby helping to achieve the UAE’s strategic vision.”

For his part, H.E. Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi noted: “This agreement puts in place a comprehensive program to prepare national professionals by improving their scientific and practical skills and qualifying them to occupy important positions in both private and governmental institutions. Preparing these citizens is our way of helping to elevate the progress and development of the UAE and participate in the building of a stronger country. This important cooperation with Ras Al Khaimah Government’s Department of Human Resources is a vital resource that equips Emiratis to meet the needs of the Emirate and to help raise the level of performance of our institutions.”

As per the agreement, IDO will take over the strategic aspects of the program, finance its implementation and manage partnerships with training providers. The Department of Human Resources will take part in planning the program and monitoring its implementation.

As part of its role, the Department will oversee the recruitment and marketing processes and follow up with candidates upon completion of their training to keep track of those who land suitable job opportunities.

These roles will be exercised through the Steering Committee and the Executive Task Force formed by the two entities to ensure effective coordination and integration.

The ‘Etimad’ program to empower national talent is a pioneering initiative that aims to qualify Emirati professionals in various scientific fields, enabling them to pass standard tests and obtain international professional accreditations. This will allow them to practice their profession in accordance with the highest international standards. Participants will be trained to achieve excellence in professional performance, honing their leadership skills and creativity, as a means to becoming more competitive at an international level.

The program will be implemented in several stages, the agreement states. The current stage includes training UAE nationals who currently work – or who show promising talent – in accounting and finance to earn professional certificates from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Meanwhile, specialists, professionals and promising talents in human capital management will be trained to earn certificates from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The program provides participants with various benefits, including rewards earned during the training period and world-class training providers helping them develop their knowledge and skills. They also have the opportunity to secure employment after successfully passing their exams, or win professional grants – depending on the trainee’s individual situation – and free enrollment in the program, covering exam fees and administrative charges. Participants can also obtain membership in their respective profession’s associations, depending on their scores.

Ras Al Khaimah Government has implemented an extensive system to empower national talent comprising several trailblazing programs. These include the ‘Upskilling’ program to enhance capabilities and skills among human resources, boosting their performance and ability to meet work-related challenges. The ‘Reskilling’ program aims to rehabilitate employees to perform various jobs in light of rapid developments and the ‘In-skilling’ program helps integrate fresh graduates into the employment market to boost their chances of career success.

Ras Al Khaimah Government has also introduced the ‘C-skilling’ accreditation program to train qualified national professionals according to the highest international professional standards, as well as the ‘L-skilling’ leadership program, which prepares supervisors and leaders to take up management positions, adapting their skills as they shift from the professional to the supervisory role.

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