‘Bag in Bin’ Campaign Aims to Promote Environmental Awareness among Ras Al Khaimah Residents

23 May 2019
Waste sorting initiative contributes to the emirate’s sustainable development goals

To enhance environmental awareness among local communities in Ras Al Khaimah, the Department of Public Services has launched the ‘Bag in Bin’ campaign in Al Naeem City Center, with the initiative aiming to encourage residents to make the right choice when deciding what waste receptacle to use for their refuse.

Targeting residents of Al Dhait, the two-week campaign has been set up to help generate a change in daily behaviour and to contribute to achieving the emirate’s sustainable development goals by raising awareness of the importance of waste sorting and separation and conserving the environment.

The Bag in Bin campaign is part of the broader ‘My Emirate My Home’ initiative, a five-year plan to educate the public about environmental sustainability and the correct colour bags to use for sorting and separating waste. My Emirate My Home reiterates that green bags should be used for recyclable materials, such as plastic, paper, metal cans, cardboards, newspapers, magazines and books, while brown bags should be useda for food waste. The overarching objective of the initiative is to contribute to achieving 75% recycling of waste in Ras Al Khaimah that would otherwise go to landfill sites.

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