Ras Al Khaimah Human Resources Department Launches ‘My Portal to Entrepreneurship’ Initiative

27 August 2019

The Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Human Resources Department launched the ‘My Portal to Entrepreneurship’ initiative, targeting entities and companies active in supporting and financing projects, as well as business experts and graduates in the entrepreneurship discipline.

The initiative was launched in collaboration with the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy – the educational arm of Dubai SME. It seeks to train aspiring entrepreneurs and empower them in the earliest stages of launching their projects and managing them until they reach profitability. This, in turn, helps establish and promote businesses and projects that catalyze social and economic development in the UAE.

The initiative seeks to engage citizens in the labor market, invest in local talents, and find appropriate channels to utilise their skills and enhance economic productivity. The program connects job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs with the appropriate channels that secure financing for innovative ideas, and highlight the services provided to them by various entities.

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