966 Trade Licenses Issued for ‘Supported Businesses’ in Ras Al Khaimah

16 June 2021

Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development (RAK DED) has issued a total of 966 trade licenses for ‘supported businesses’ in the Emirate, including 824 for home-based businesses (‘Alghad’ license), 106 Virtual Trader License, and 36 business track permits.

‘Alghad’ license is one of RAK DED’s oldest initiatives, launched in 2007 to allow citizens to do business from home. The Department’s Assistant Director-General Mohammed Al Mahmoud explained that the program includes 58 different commercial activities that attract male and female citizens alike, such as selling traditional foods; organizing special events; selling perfumes, jewelry, and accessories; and designing clothing, among other activities.

Al Mahmoud revealed that food-related business activities were among the most popular, adding that the Virtual Trader License, for its part, has witnessed a remarkable turnout from citizens in the Emirate since the beginning of 2019. This turnout was mostly driven by the incentives RAK DED offered towards the end of 2018, which sought to regulate e-commerce in the business sector across the Emirate. The Virtual Merchant License covers many activities, most popular among them being e-commerce operations management.

With regard to business tracks, the Department granted 36 permits since the launch of the program in 2018. Business track permits cover three categories: existing licenses registered in the Emirate, existing licenses registered in another Emirate, and new licenses. The issued licenses included 30 related to food activities and three permits for washing and polishing cars.

Mohammed Al Mahmoud went on to note that RAK DED is dedicated to developing the skills of participants in these programs. To that end, the Department organizes a series of workshops throughout the year, designed to empower participants and develop their business skills. The workshops include a session on ‘How to Develop your Small Business’, as well as others that focus on crafts, professional photography, paper recycling, and others.

The RAK Department of Economic Development strengthened its partnership with private companies, such as Noon and Talabat, in an effort to enhance the ease of doing business and support entrepreneurs and home-business owners. Three workshops were organized with the management of Noon in that regard, specifically targeting the ‘Alghad’ and the “Virtual Trader license” holders. The workshop trained them to register and feature national projects on their platform, which has a large base of shoppers worldwide.

Furthermore, the Department concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Talabat to give ‘Alghad’ license holders the opportunity to display and sell their food products on the popular Talabat platform.

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