Department of Economic Development: Consumer complaints drop by 61%

15 August 2019

Being keen on consumer protection, Department of Economic Development, represented by the Commercial Control and Protection Department, has received 321 consumer complaints during the first half of 2019, where 83% of the filed complaints were resolved.  Channels for receiving complaints varied between the hotline, WhatsApp service (Your Voice Is Heard), the official website of consumer protection, e-mail, or the personal presence of consumers in the Commercial Protection Section. The number of consumer complaints through the official website of commercial protection was at the top with 229 complaints.

Mr. Faisal Alyoon, Acting Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department, stated that consumer complaints during the first half of the year decreased by 61% compared to the same period last year, where the complaints of honesty and credibility topped the list of consumer complaints with 257 complaints, followed by warranties complaints (32 complaints), contract complaints (28 complaints), then price and general complaints (two complaints for each).

Alyoon added that the Department is taking a number of measures to solve the problems faced by consumers, such as carrying out an inspection visit to the shop which is complained against and making sure to know the details of dispute between parties, obliging the establishment to write an undertaking not to repeat the violation behavior, and freezing the license. The Department of Economic Development is also keen on finding amicable solutions that satisfy consumers without the need for the above-mentioned measures. A total of 267 cases have been amicably resolved while 54 others have not accepted amicable solutions.

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