Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority Completes 100 per cent of the First Phase of its Customer Service Digital Transformation Project

17 June 2020

Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (TA) has announced 100 per cent completion of the first phase of its Customer Service Digital Transformation Program, with the success going towards its objective of implementing its strategy of reaching full transformation of its digital services by the end of 2020.

His Excellency Eng. Ismail Hassan Al Balooshi, Director General of RAK TA, said the successful completion of the first phase of the transformation plan represented a great achievement by the distinguished TA team, especially in view of its highly effective strategy that incorporated clear methodology, a comprehensive work plan and close monitoring of the implementation phases.

“The Information Technology and Digital Transformation Department at the TA regularly host workshops to follow up on the indicators of its digital achievements and to analyze them – this is what has helped ensure achieving the first phase of its Customer Service Digital Transformation Program within record time. The first phase included commercial licensing services for transport activities, financial management, human resources management and other administrative systems,” said H. E. Al Balooshi.

“The new system helps to enhance productivity and efficiency and provides an accurate database that serves the authority’s goal of implementing world-class practices. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have reduced both the time it takes to undertake transactions as well as reduce the use of paper. In the first day of testing the system alone we were able to complete more than 200 transactions without leaving any transaction suspended. The response time to customer services used to reach up to 6 minutes – with this new system it takes an average of just 1.4 minutes,” he said.

H.E. Al Balooshi stressed that the system will facilitate the data exchange process between all administrations, which in turn will allow TA employees to focus on more critical tasks, thereby improving both productivity and time efficiency. He reiterated that adopting technical systems as part of a digital transformation

program leads to better service provision to customers, as well as raises the level of awareness of paper use through its eco-friendly approach.

His Excellency Sultan Al Zaabi, Director of the Customer Happiness Center, said: “The system is simple and effective to use from a multitude of aspects. It has helped facilitate internal communications and enhance external operations. It has assisted agents to register companies and issue and renew licenses and permits for drivers and vehicles. It promotes the complete dispensation of paper in transactions, so customer service activities will become more sustainable. It also facilitates field work by linking the application of smart inspections to the system, which allows the inspector to include violations directly instead of recording it using paper hard copy.”

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