‘Summer as You Wish’ Educational Camp | Ras Al Khaimah

22 June 2020

Emirates Association for Social Development launches ‘Summer as You Wish’ August camp with strong educational agenda

This year’s edition of its annual camp for children to be conducted remotely

The Emirates Association for Social Development has announced the launch of its ninth summer camp, with the theme for this year’s edition being ‘Summer as You wish’.

The event will be conducted remotely in August through social media channels – a necessary precaution in light of the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. The camp will include a comprehensive agenda of workshops, interactive sessions and group activities aimed at teaching children a wide range of values and practical skills.

Khalaf Salim Bin Anbar, General Director of the Emirates Association for Social Development in Ras Al Khaimah, said the association’s strategy targets the building of competencies and developing the skills of community members, including younger generations in recognition of the fact they are the nation’s future.

Mr Bin Anbar underlined that the association’s activities aligns with the remote learning agenda of the UAE Government through implementing the best technologies, programs and courses to target the public. He highlighted that it is continuing its remote programs alongside its on-site programs conducted at its headquarters to support the Government’s return to work strategy.

The association has organised 73 events since the beginning of the year, including workshops, lectures, and a Ramadan Majlis, which have benefitted 6,150 people. This figure represents a growth rate of 311% compared with the first quarter of 2019. Additionally, the association has hosted 31 remote educational courses since the start of the covid-19 situation, with the sessions attended by 5,227 beneficiaries.

“The association has activated an online exchange channel utilising the Telegram application. Through this medium and through its official website, it has published 14 educational videos,” said Mr Bin Anbar. “We have also organised virtual trips to

five global tourist destinations through Google Maps as well as via Instagram, with these initiatives attracting 10,000 followers. We plan to host a further 54 training events during the third quarter of this year and to activate our e-library to be a reference for all the material relating to our courses.”

Mr Bin Anbar also announced the launch of the National Digital Guidelines, which gives advice regarding the use of social media platforms, and the Emirates Association Public Boards Guidelines. He also drew attention to the association’s online platform that provides training programs to the public in different sectors throughout the year, highlighting that this platform features an automatic suggestion system which prompts programs to users according to their age, gender, employment and social status

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